Concerned, or Worried?


Is there a difference?

In my mind there is.  It’s a matter of degree and a matter of perspective. Different emotions come into play also. A concerned person sees something problematical and considers what needs to be done.  The person who is worried will be anxious and distressed, and in general very emotional; and if they are able to do anything, it will most likely be an over-reaction and blown out of proportion.

The other day I was reading the Prelude to Bernard De Koven’s book:  A Playful Path.  There’s a line that caught my eye:  “And if we want to make it safely and sanely through all the changes coming our way, we’re going to need to come out and play.”  Our world is in quite a state.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t be able to rattle off a number of problems, either personal, societal, or Global.  How in the world should anyone feel playful in the midst of all of this?!

The fact is that’s exactly what we need to do!  For a number of reasons.  Today I want to talk about concern and worry. Why?  Worry doesn’t do a Damn thing.

Think about that.  When you’re stressed out about something do you spend more time “stewing” or “doing”?  When Life is seriously challenging you do all the same old useless thoughts spin round and around in our brain?  If so this is you worrying.

Playful people are much more likely to be concerned.  Odd thought that. Especially when most people consider playfulness frivolous and irresponsible. One of the reasons is thier ability of reframing which I talked about in In the Box.   Another reason is a diminished grasp on expectations; an emotional and intellectual flexibility.

To Play is to be in the moment.  It’s an experience.  The more one is concerned about how things turn out the less joy one often has.  Truly playful people then become more spontaneous, and open minded.  They cultivate a certain aplomb.

Isn’t that a better place from which to figure out what to do next; to consider what’s possible?

Be playful, it just might save the world. It will definitely save your mind.

peace, Steve

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