Moving forwards

I just had a conversation where I was explaining what I was writing about. As I was describing Playfulness I was having a hard time articulating my thoughts. This perplexed me and gave me pause. I consider myself a decent writer and have been writing about this subject for a bit. Afterwards I began to … More Moving forwards

and, now what . . .

That blank page awaits. Even the Stream of Consciousness style of writing that I like, has to start somewhere. The urge to just randomly hit keys whispers in my ear. That Would be a playful approach; much like trying to write complete nonsense. Why Playfulness? First of all, it’s a good way to become unstuck. … More and, now what . . .

I’m Back

It has certainly been awhile. Life has been . . well; Life. Interesting. I have been trying to write a book about playfulness. I have started the fifth chapter, but it’s been difficult. Writing a book takes Discipline; something that is absolutely foreign to me. I look at the definition in the dictionary and stare … More I’m Back

You’ve Got This!

Self-confidence can be defined as feeling certain and assured of one’s own abilities.  This is certainly a good quality to have if you want to be more successful.  In fact it’s hard to be a success without it.  When a person is  confident in their abilities they are also going to be more optimistic about … More You’ve Got This!

When good ‘ol Murphy and his law comes a calling; bring on the clowns.

When Life gives you Lemons . . make yourself a delicious Lemon Meringue Pie!  Then you can smash it into Life’s very surprised face.  😄   Did that catch you off guard?  Like a lot of good comedy I started out in one direction then made a surprising right turn.  Taking something ordinary and mundane and … More When good ‘ol Murphy and his law comes a calling; bring on the clowns.

Moving forwards

I don’t have to tell you that it’s a new year; you’re probably still trying to remember to write 2019 on your checks.  This is also a time when many people make resolutions for the year to come.  Further, though it’s Winter, over the next few months the days will slowly but steadily get longer.  … More Moving forwards

Being Playful

So what does playfulness actually mean?  Since I have been jabbering on about its wonderful side effects, some of you could very well wonder why I just didn’t start my whole project here by stating its definition. There’s two reasons I didn’t do just that. First I didn’t want to narrow things down, to get … More Being Playful