You’ve Got This!


Self-confidence can be defined as feeling certain and assured of one’s own abilities.  This is certainly a good quality to have if you want to be more successful.  In fact it’s hard to be a success without it.  When a person is  confident in their abilities they are also going to be more optimistic about their future. Yet most of us, including myself, could stand having a bit more.  Being playful increases your self-confidence.

The reason is that when you are operating from a playful perspective you are more interested in the process than the product.  When you maintain a playful frame of mind you’re likely to be more concerned with the journey than where you eventually end up.  Like a great road trip; what happens along the way is at least as important as where you’re going.  You can see this watching children play; they are like budding scientists and explorers, equipped with curiosity and sense of adventure.  They try any number of things, experimenting with a variety of approaches.  This sort of spirited exploration leads to an accumulation of successful experiences.  These successes in turn help to increase a person’s optimism and self-confidence.


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