Moving forwards


I don’t have to tell you that it’s a new year; you’re probably still trying to remember to write 2019 on your checks.  This is also a time when many people make resolutions for the year to come.  Further, though it’s Winter, over the next few months the days will slowly but steadily get longer.  This is in fact, a time to move forwards.  It’s also a fact that one need pay no attention to what I just stated.  Change is inevitable.  As the philosopher Heraclitus put it ages ago:  “Everything changes and nothing stands still”

So then; what’s the point?  I mean one way or the other, and for better or worse, something new is headed your way.  The difference is whether you want be reactive or proactive.  Some of us only make course corrections after the fact, after life has sent our way; as Shakespeare puts it: “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”.  Others prefer to be proactive:  Focusing attention and energy on the future; creating something new and vital.

Having a re-active frame of mind can easily lead to feeling the victim of your circumstances instead of an optimism and confidence that stems from moving towards something positive.  Being reactive also frequently results in putting your life, your future into the hands of someone else, some stranger.

Does this sound familiar?  Does this sound like you?  If so, you’re not alone.  Most of us, including myself, act this way to some extent.  It can seem, at first blush, the easier route.  There’s no need for thinking or planning, no need for personal accountability, no need to face the unknown.  Easy Peasy.  Well, until it’s time to pay the piper.  Then, like the credit card statement that comes after a particularly fun shopping spree, it Hurts.

What to do?  Making changes in your life, especially if you’re changing yourself can be difficult.  In fact, change even if it clearly benefits you, causes some stress.  This is where The Art of Playful Living comes in.  At this point some of you are probably exclaiming:  “Playful Living!  There are any number of things I need to take care of.  I need to be a serious, responsible adult.  There’s no place in Life for silliness and frivolity.”  What I’m suggesting however, is not a frivolous, lackadaisical, irresponsible existence; something akin to Peter Pan or the irrepressible Bugs Bunny.

What then is The Art of Playful Living?  It is the practice of approaching Life in a way much like children do; with curiosity, optimism, creativity, flexibility,  resilience, and a sense of adventure.  Embracing the World with an open mind and open heart.  Relating to your life with this playful attitude not only makes life more fun, but it will make it easier and more fulfilling.  Life becomes an adventure, the world a playground. Where even though we don’t know what’s around the corner, or what’s going to happen next we’re confident it’ll be good, an opportunity for something new and exciting.

Will you come out and play?   😃

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