Embracing The Fool

Let’s face it; we’re all posers.  For some of us it may only be only occasionally. Nonetheless we all want to good from time to time. I have no problem with that, it’s being human.

So then, why do I bring this up?  I was telling a friend about my the experience I had with Laughter Yoga and it’s relation to our “serious meme”.  He concurred but opined that there’s another factor involved in people’s avoidance of being playful:  fear.   People don’t want to look silly/stupid/foolish.  This creates a double whammy for people.  One just because society doesn’t approve of playfulness.  Two, for many it would mean doing something new which very often comes with a big bundle of fear. Fear of failing and fear of looking stupid.

This is where playfulness comes in handy.  Paradoxically embracing the idea of looking foolish you realize that looking goofy looking stupid. . doesn’t kill you.

Embracing The Fool can be a way of dealing with something new with less fear and trepidation.

Let’s Play!   😝

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