Playing or Playful?

There’s a distinction I need to make here.  Though related these two ideas are different.  One is an activity and the other an attitude.  Certainly if you are playing with something/someone it’ll probably lead to a sense of playfulness. Conversely if you have a silly or whimsical frame of mind you’re likely to want to play something.

Of these two I find playfulness more interesting.  I am intrigued by Playfulness because it’s not just for having fun.  In my mind as well as some other pioneers, it can be a way of life.

Playful people tend to be more connected, creative, lively, positive, flexible, and cope better than others. Not only is this my intuition, in my research I have found a number of wise/learned folks who concur.

So next time you have a choice between a serious reaction or a playful one try the playful on for size.

Best wishes, Steve.  ☺

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