“Let me out!”

“Let your ‘inner child’ out”.  We’ve all heard that one.  That phrase always fascinated me.  I was always like:  “it’s supposed to be inner!”.

However you are all probably thinking: “That’s nice Steve but I’m not silly; I’m not playful”.  “How do I embrace my inner fool?”.

My answer is it’s simple.  Not necessarily easy but something worth getting out of your comfort zone for. Practice doing silly things:  Dance to the radio, sing in the shower-with passion, skip down the sidewalk, make faces in the mirror, grab a coloring book with No intention of being Michelangelo, make noises when you stretch, take a class in Improv, do Laughter Yoga.  Any of these are a good start.  Just pick one.  Or make up your own.  Try not to let your “left brain” get in the way.

You can do it.  I know you can!    😉

2 thoughts on ““Let me out!”

  1. Silly. Yes, definitely. I’d recommend that you begin with a mirror. And spend a few minutes making faces. Actually, your iThing would work as well and you could take pictures, too. Just for, you know, a reference point, a reminder, a stake in the ultimate playground.


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