“So curiosity, I think, is a really important aspect of staying young or youthful” Goldie Hawn


“Desire to know”  “Interest leading to inquiry”  These are the first two entries in Mirriam-Webster for curiosity.

WHY?  Anyone who’s had children or anyone who was a child will know That word is a huge part of being a kid.  😉 It’s a necessary tool.  We don’t come into this world with all the “software” installed; we have to learn as we go.

Fortunately we come with an innate sense of curiosity. Fortunately because someone had to figure out fire, and the wheel, an which berries were safe to eat.  Not to mention the entirety of civilization, me being able to write this and the phone I’m writing it with. 😄

Certainly some us developed this capacity more than others, and for some of us this facility has faded over time like an unused muscle.

Now interestingly this Curiosity isn’t just for creating The General Theory of Relativity or for the designing of this smartphone.  It’s also a “life enhancing” characteristic.  Todd Kashdan PhD has enumerated advantages that curious people have in his article for Experience L!fe:  The Power of Curiosity.  He lists Health, Intelligence, Social Relationships, Happiness, and Meaning as being benefited by developing ones curiosity.  Mr. Kashdan isn’t the only person who believes that being curious is advantageous.  While researching for this post I found four other articles that advance this idea.  Cool huh?  😊

What if I told you that it’s been shown that playful people are more curious?  Feel like being playful now?

let’s play!   😄

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