A Day of Fools

10-best-April-Fools-Day-PranksOne April Fool’s Day Burger King sold left-handed burgers.  Made just like thier regular ones but with the ingredients rotated 180′

April Fool’s Day; a day for paying close attention, to be ready for the unexpected. It’s always been one of my favorite days.  Not for the experience of being fooled or the opportunity for pulling a prank or two though.

When I was in grade school, April Fool’s wasn’t just for pranks, it was also for dressing silly, telling stupid jokes, and just being goofy.  An excuse for kids and adults alike to take a break from Seriousness.  An excuse to act the Fool. As someone who has always hovered around the edges of what others considered “normal” I resonated with this idea.  In effect it was my day.

Like a number of people I have mixed feelings about April Fool’s “jokes”   I do however like elaborate hoaxes like the one at the top of this page.  I’m also a big fan of  general silliness.

So today in the midst of the giving and receiving of pranks, throw in some silliness.  Wear a tie with your Hawaiian shirt, put on that pair of bunny ears, don the Groucho Marx glasses&stache, or sing “Great Big Gobs of Greasy Grimey Gopher Guts loudly.  In other words be The April Fool.

Now go and enjoy yourselves! Tomorrow you can go back to being serious.  😎

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