Are you engaged?

I don’t mean engaged to be married.  I mean are you engaged with life?  Do you make the most of every precious moment?  Do you embrace the world around you?  Is life an adventure? My guess is that for most of you the answer is no; at least not 24/7.  I know it’s not true … More Are you engaged?

A Day of Fools

One April Fool’s Day Burger King sold left-handed burgers.  Made just like thier regular ones but with the ingredients rotated 180′ April Fool’s Day; a day for paying close attention, to be ready for the unexpected. It’s always been one of my favorite days.  Not for the experience of being fooled or the opportunity for … More A Day of Fools

“So curiosity, I think, is a really important aspect of staying young or youthful” Goldie Hawn

“Desire to know”  “Interest leading to inquiry”  These are the first two entries in Mirriam-Webster for curiosity. WHY?  Anyone who’s had children or anyone who was a child will know That word is a huge part of being a kid.  😉 It’s a necessary tool.  We don’t come into this world with all the “software” … More “So curiosity, I think, is a really important aspect of staying young or youthful” Goldie Hawn

In the Box

Photography these days is much different than when I was a kid.  There is so much more you can do After you take a picture.  I remember then how important it was to frame the shot with your camera; what is now called “in camera” editing. We do this; everyone of us; all the time. … More In the Box

“Let me out!”

“Let your ‘inner child’ out”.  We’ve all heard that one.  That phrase always fascinated me.  I was always like:  “it’s supposed to be inner!”. However you are all probably thinking: “That’s nice Steve but I’m not silly; I’m not playful”.  “How do I embrace my inner fool?”. My answer is it’s simple.  Not necessarily easy … More “Let me out!”

Playing or Playful?

There’s a distinction I need to make here.  Though related these two ideas are different.  One is an activity and the other an attitude.  Certainly if you are playing with something/someone it’ll probably lead to a sense of playfulness. Conversely if you have a silly or whimsical frame of mind you’re likely to want to … More Playing or Playful?